We are Shree Sai Clinic and multispecialty hospital in the Goregaon West, Mumbai. Our hospital is a type of mid-sized hospital along with reliable facilities of a hospital as well as the convenience of having the whole thing on the single destination. We provide you international class devices, reputed doctors, caring nursing staff member and also efficient administrative staff from the backbone of the hospital. Along with ISO 9001:2008 certification, a hospital is going to be a great boon for the suburban. For many years, human pathology has been one of the keystones of the medicine as well as exactly so at  Shree Sai Clinic, we provide our patient world-class pathology services due to their well-being is of the utmost significant to us. Pathology is somewhat just a scientific study of the overall response of your body to any foreign influence that is a disease. We make use of this awareness to diagnose and subsequently treat your ailment. What we commonly perform is cautiously distinguish the conventional structure as well as a function of the human body to the abnormal structure and also function we witness in an in a bad health being.

Use advanced technology devices

Performing this is one of the great critical phases and we have made a note of though precise information when adjudging the extent of your ailment due to one slip can permit to a fault diagnosis, posing a very dangerous threat to your health condition. Our pathology labs in Mumbai / nephrology hospital in Mumbai professional make sure that they are highly careful when analyzing your samples. It is where our highly advanced latest technology chips.  We are arrogant to host state of the art devices based on the advance technology for the speedy as well as an exact result.  In fact, we don’t grab any possibility whatsoever along with your health and also well-being. You just avail our pathology service without any doubt. We are always ready to provide our high-quality services to a patient, and also we satisfy us each client.

 We offer affordable service

We ensure of latest technologies and also sciences to provide you a clear as well as approximate insights and also data regarding your health. Our pathology completely automated as well as electronic pathology lab devices along with modern and also advance equipment. Our pathology service is a clinical diagnostic center committed to comprehensive, quick response, superior quality lab testing service at reasonable cost. We do entire sorts of tests in microbiology, biochemistry, clinical pathology and also conduct different profiles for full diseases. Our pathology lab offers best quality diagnostic service which aid patients obtain the medical treatment or else to permit them to understand their health functioning primarily for the healthy lifestyles. Our primary vision is to give high quality top best pathology lab experiences through providing excellent quality exact tests at a reasonable cost to the people.

Our Speciality

We attain this along with the assist of choice of tests as well as qualified experts advanced technologies which deliver quickly as well as specific performance each time. We make sure where each patient, works and also consumer is treated along with high respects as well as dignity & being diagnosed in the fair as well as consistent method. We understand where individuals nowadays are regards regarding the quality using turnaround period, promptness in reporting services. Our clinical diagnostic center, we grab procedure to fill out gap among the demand as well as a supply of quality diagnostic services without compromising the budget. Our high-quality services are further strengthen through our constant commitment to adopt the new technologies and also establishing new tests which aid us to remain on the latest technological.