Shree Sai Clinic has Pediatric Unit that employs multidisciplinary staffs who are trained in emotional, medical and developmental of children. Our main mission is to provide the Psychosocial, Medical and Developmental needs of the children and their families. Our Pediatric Unit has a safe and nurturing environment suitable for giving the right treatment. Pediatric department in Shree Sai Clinic offers only the family-centered care with inviting the parent participation and a better decision making in the care suitable for children. We have the high specialized Pediatric Unit in a range of sizes with special monitoring systems designed and technology especially for the children in the extensive way. We have an expanded Pediatric Unit that would boast more number of amenities suitable for maintaining the family dynamics to the highest extend.

Pediatrics is a branch of medicine deals with medical care of infants, adolescents and children. Age limit for the Pediatrics treatment ranges from birth to 18 to 21 years of age. Pediatrician is the medical practitioner who is specialized in the particular paediatrician area. The Pediatricians could work both in the hospitals and primary care physicians. Many Pediatricians also works in the specialized subfields like Neonatology. Shree Sai Clinic has a specialized paediatric surgery unit specialized in performing the children’s surgery only by the team of dedicated paediatric surgeons and a team of health professionals. We have a consultant paediatric surgeon team to diagnose, treat and support the children in the widest range of the condition that includes diagnosed antenatally. Surgery is only a part of the work and much care will be given for the patient all through the treatment so it would be suitable for getting well soon. Reassurance and advice is much given for the concerned parents so that it would be quite suitable for making their children to lead a happy life.

Shree Sai Clinic offers the complete 24-hours a day Paediatric Services that includes diagnosis, consultation, follow-up care and management administered only by the best and highly-experienced team of pediatric surgeons and other specialists like pediatric anesthesiologists and nurses. We are leaders in providing the minimal invasive surgery techniques so our treatment includes only quicker recoveries with only less pain for the younger patients. Children on our Pediatric Unit would receive highest quality care by the professional team of paediatric doctor in Mumbai who are noted for their dedication, compassion and commitment. Our child’s treatment is a great important for us and we bring you complete treatment with specialized care to make your child to get well soon.

Our mission is to serve the people who are in need with compassion, evidence-based care and family-centered. Our team of doctors is much close collaboration with the families, patients, colleagues and many others who have attained the scholarly approach in

* Educating future physician-leaders based on Pediatrics
* Providing an outstanding Inpatient Clinical Care
* Improvement of inpatient Safety, Efficiency and Quality

Our Shree Sai Clinic team is much specialized in bringing the complete treatment with much luxurious facilities. Shree Sai Clinic also has a Family Kitchen, Playroom and Family Conference Room. In fact, each of the room of patient features built in day bed for the family, built in video games/DVD console, internet capabilities, plentiful storage area and much more. Our Shree Sai Clinic has built a talented team of paediatric surgeons to deliver the outstanding clinical care with the pediatric hospitalist fellowship playing the important role. With our loving care and treatment, we could easily make every child to get the appropriate treatment. Our Multidisciplinary Action Plan promotes the value based care and much suitable for bringing the complete treatment with high end facility in highest extend.