Nephrology is the study of Medicine and Pediatrics concerning with kidneys. Nephrology deal with the study of normal kidney function as well as kidney problems, renal replacement therapy, medication, treatment of kidney problems, preservation of kidney health, and much more. Some of the Systemic conditions affecting the normal and healthy kidneys are Diabetes and Autoimmune Disease. Some of the common systemic problems occurring as the result of the kidney problems are Hypertension and renal Osteodystrophy will be studied in the Nephrology. Physicians who undertook excessive training for becoming an expert in the Nephrology are called as the Renal Physician or Nephrologist. Shree Sai Clinic is a Multi-Specilaist hospital located in the Goregaon West, Mumbai. We have the efficient tools to diagnosis the problem and bring you the superior treatment to make your get well soon.

Shree Sai Clinic has the Department of Nephrology to offer the comprehensive care for treating the spectrum of kidney diseases. Normally, Department of transplant are engineered in delivering the quality care as well as successful outcome. Shree Sai Clinic has a team of experienced doctors who are amazingly recognized for their superior treatment of all the categories of patients from elders to children. We provide the complete dialysis service that is quite driven by the most efficient team of Nephrologists, Nurses, as well as Certified Haemodialysis Technicians with the Registered Dieticians.

Our eminent team of kidney transplant specialists, urologists, nephrologists, and technical expertise is ready to meet complete challenges of making this life saving procedure. We provide the efficient nocturnal, Peritoneal and short daily dialysis along with the haemodialysis for adults and children. Our nephrology center offers high advanced diagnostics, pre-operative evaluation, as well as dialysis support. With using our latest facilities in surgical procedures, we use the extensive post-operative care for minimizing the chances of infection in the high excellence. Our kidney transplant specialists have years of experience in providing the right diagnosis and treatment so that it would be quite easier for having the superior treatment. Shree Sai Clinic has the excellent team of doctors and researchers who would identify your problem and bring the appropriate treatment in the enticing options for the patient.

Nephrology is the complete medical discipline covering the Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Kidney Diseases. Some of our commonly treated disorders are kidney stones and kidney failure. Our Nephrology treatment includes comprehensive care for the kidney diseases that are associated with the conditions and illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. Our Centres of Nephrology have a sizeable as well as comprehensive kidney transplant program with performing the autologous as well as cadaveric transplants. We perform only the minimally invasive surgery thereby easily minimizing the post-operative recovery time as well as hospitalization. Our Clinical team consists only of the internationally renowned doctors to provide best care for the Nephrological and Urological diseases. We are the leading integrated healthcare service provider in India and our primary vision is to offer the best diagnostics as well as day care specialty facilities.

Our Nephrologist has specially undergone the specialized training and treatment of all sorts of kidney disease. Nephrologists have the extensive knowledge in providing the complete care to people with providing the transplant medicine, internal medicine, immunosuppression management, clinical pharmacology, intensive care medicine, perioperative medicine, pediatric nephrology and many others. Our nephrology hospital in Mumbai are specialized in dialysis, chronic kidney disease, kidney transplantation, cancer-related kidney diseases, non-nephrology areas, procedural nephrology and many other treatments. Procedures of the nephrologist could perform varies such as native kidney and transplant kidney biopsy, tunnelled vascular access lines, dialysis access insertion, fistula management, bone biopsy and many others.