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We believe in the policy "Patient First" i.e. We put the patient’s health above everything else.
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Shree Sai Clinic is the number one Multi-Specilaist hospital in Goregaon West in Mumbai. Renowned for medical expertise, Shree Sai Clinic brings you excellent nursing care, quality diagnostics and much more to fulfill your healthy treatment. Shree Sai Clinic has a dedicated team of senior Doctors such as General Surgeons, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedics, Physiotherapists and Gastroenterology. Sprawled in more than 5000 sq. Ft, of area and situated in the heart of Goregaon, Mumbai. Shree Sai Clinic is the mid-sized hospital equipped with all the facilities of the largest hospital to bring the right treatment efficiently. We bring you the convenience of providing everything under a roof. In India, many people do not get the right treatment for their disease so it would create the unhealthy environment in our country. With the wide improvement in technology in medical facilities, we bring you the efficient treatment with major facilities. Our only motivation is to bring complete happiness in your life with giving you the right treatment with extensive care. Our hospital in goregaon is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and our hospital is a boon for the people who are in need. 

Why choose Shree Sai Clinic?

With the world class equipment, caring nursing staff, eminent doctors and efficient administrative staff, we have the efficient technique to bring you the right treatment excellently. Shree Sai Clinic has been beautifully designed with partly centrally Air-Conditioned. Our hospital has a cafeteria facility with giving complete convenience for patient’s family. Shree Sai Clinic has 24 Hours Casualty, X-Ray facility, Pharmacy, Pathology Lab and many more. Our Solar Water Heaters ensures the continuous hot water supply for the patients. 

ICCU – We have 3 door and 5 bedded ICCU with the Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, Ventilators for each Bed. We have 13 separate intensive care beds equipped with the central O2.

Consulting Cabins - We have a Dental Department to bring you the best consultation for putting the smile on the face of the patient. Using high end technology, our experienced hands team provides complete dental care for patients.

Recovery Rooms - Shree Sai Clinic has 30 capacity of beds and rooms that offer the patient with a better choice of staying comfortable according to their budget and requirement. We also have separate male and female recovery rooms.

Operation Theaters – Our hospital boasts with 2 fully equipped Operation Theaters to make the Major and Minor Surgeries. Operation Theaters are equipped with Cautery, N2, Central O2, Air Purifier System and Central Suction System.

Burns Unit - Shree Sai Clinic has the specialized Burns 3 Door 1 Bedded Unit. As Burns are much vulnerable for infection, we are much giving the special care.

Radiology Department - Shree Sai Clinic has 24 Hours X-Ray Department with the portable X-Ray Facility suitable for the patients. Our service includes Ultra Sonography (U.S.G.), Barium Meal Studies, Fluoroscopy and many others.

Cosmetic Dental Clinic - Our Dental Department aims in putting a beautiful smile on the face of our patients. Experienced hands team uses the superior technology in offering the complete dental care for patients.

Physiotherapy Centre – We have the specialized Physiotherapy Centre facility for making the treatment fulfilled with a special care. Our outdoor physiotherapy facility is provided for the orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Our Multispeciality hospital in goregaon is a recognized name and well-known Hospitals have vision to offer the best patient care equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities. Our hospital is easily accessible with various means of transport in Mumbai. Our team of well-trained medical staff and non-medical staffs works round-the-clock to offer various services in the hospital. Shree Sai Clinic hospital is easily accessible by various means of transport. 


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With a 30-bed capacity, the hospital offers patients a choice of rooms and beds depending on their requirement and budget. There are separate male and female recovery rooms.


It is a state of the art 5 bedded 3 door iccu with ventilators, infusion pump and syringe pump for each bed, 13 separate intensive care beds with central o2.


Burn patients are vulnerable to infection and thus the hospital has provided for a separate three door one bedded unit for burn patients where they are given special care.


The hospital boasts of two fully equipped operation theaters for super major, major and minor surgeries. Cautery, central o2, n2, central suction & air purifier system.


The dental department aims to put smile back on its patient’s face. Superior technology and experienced hands team up to provide complete dental care to its patients.


There is a 24 hours x-ray department with special portable x-ray facility for patients. Services also include barium meal studies, ultra sonography (u.s.g.) and fluoroscopy.


We believe in a job well done and hence do not stop at just healing, but go beyond that. We also have an outdoor physiotherapy facility for orthopaedic rehabilitation.


The dental department aims to put smile back on its patient’s face. Superior technology and experienced hands team up to provide complete dental care to its patients.